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"Dear BELP

Thank you very much for your wish to support KBDO. KBDO is determined to treat kids suffering from Thallasaemia and provision of general medical services to local community. We are pleased that Dr. Khan as member of KBDO, has agreed to help in bridging KBDO relation with BELP.


Team KBDO"

KBDO (Kids Blood Diseases Organization) was founded in 1991. The only medical centre which mainly caters to poor children, basically manages an effective blood donation base for Thalassaemia patients and creates awareness among the masses about HIV, Hepatitis B, Hepatitis C, Thalassaemia and other blood related diseases. Kids Blood Diseases Organization as the only Medical NGO working in this area. KBDO has been provided free blood to the needy patients, particularly to the Thalassaemic children since its establishment.

Aims and Objectives:

  • To serve the poor people of society.
  • Especially to donate blood to children suffering from any blood related disease.
  • To establish a well-equipped child-mother care center.
  • Help government and provide medical treatment to people in the natural disasters (catastrophes, i.e. earthquake, floods etc.)
  • To provide free of cost ambulance facilities especially to poor and needy patients
List of Our Super Blood Donors
What is Thalassaemia?
Tests for Thalassaemia
Blood Types and Compatibility
Dangue Causes, Symptoms and Treatment
Why and What to donate?
Who can donate blood?
Who cannot donate blood?
History of Blood Transfusion
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