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KBDO (Kids Blood Diseases Organization) is a charity organization based in Mansehra city in the Northern Province (NWFP) of Pakistan. KBDO is a registered organization, which has been established in 1991. The only medical NGO in the area which mainly caters to poor children, basically manages an effective blood donation base for thalassaemia patients and creates awareness among the masses about HIV, Hepatitis B, Hepatitis C, Thalassaemia and other blood related diseases. Our basic mission is to provide free treatment to those people especially children who have been affected from blood diseases like Thalassaemia. We have approximately more than 360 Thalassaemia patients registered with KBDO those who have been given blood on weekly basis. KBDO current sphere of activities are:

  • Serving destitute and neglected section of the society.
  • Providing free-screened blood, blood bags and medicines to poor and deserving patients suffering from common and blood diseases.
  • Providing free-screened blood transfusion facilities to the deserving patients.
  • Free treatment of deserving patients at OPD of KBDO Medical Complex.
  • Mother Child at well equipped care center of KBDO, at minimum cost of nil and maximum cost of which does not exceed the half rates of any private hospital.
  • Always provided and ready to provide helping hand to government and private agencies in any natural disaster, calamity, earthquake etc...
  • Busty in creating awareness among the masses about Thalassaemia through news items, posters, brochures and personal discussions.

We have started our mission from the beginning (single room) and now we have our own five-storey building. More than 50 people are working as staff members with our organization including Doctors, Paramedical Staff, Technicians and Management Staff. Which only become in reality by the grace of God and with the help of people those who love humanity and wanted to help them. And now we have started 24 hours free OPD for other patients and we are providing free medicines to them. Our achievements so far are:

  • 20,000 free blood grouping have been done
  • 8500 unit of free screened blood units have been donated
  • 5554 free blood transfusions have been done
  • September 2003 to January 2006 free basic health facilities have been provided to at more than 50,000 patients
  • 10 rescue operations have been carried out effectively

After the 8th October 2005 earthquake in northern are of Pakistan we had been remained very much involved in the activities to provide relief to the effected people in any form i.e. free food, medicines, shelter to the homeless effected that were the basic requirements. For this purpose we had established tent villages and free school for effected people. In the tent villages. We are providing free food, blankets, sleeping bags, cloths and everything that they needed.

After the big earthquake disaster of October 8, 2005 in which thousands of people have lost their lives and thousands have been injured. We started to extend our efforts to provide medical treatment to the earthquake victims including major surgeries.

We have also arranged four Tent Marriages in our Tent Villages.

In its future plans KBDO includes the establishment of a KBDO city of at least 50  houses for the earthquake victims, specially widows and orphans. Each house would consist of two beds, one drawing, one kitchen and one bath. A primary school, mosque, dispensary and a playground etc will also be there in KBDO city.

We have also planned to provide education to senior school and college going students of KBDO city by providing them books and by giving them donation for tuition and other educational expanses. We will also provide job assistance to the residents of KBDO city.

The organization does not accept cash donations from volunteers. all financial donations are received through a registered bank account, which establishes a transparent proceedings of the donations. In fact, the organization has given instructions to the bank for an open audit of all its donations. Over the years the organization has made very significant inroads to the community by providing effective counseling treatment along with the modern facilities to its patients.

We are looking forward for your cooperation.

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