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KBDO Projects

Thalassaemia Treatment Project:

Kids Blood Diseases Organization is providing medical consultation, screened healthy blood and all other necessary medicines to manage and improve the quality of life of Thalassaemic patients free of any cost with the patronage of World Vision Pakistan.


  • 18,600 free Blood Groupings have been done.
  • 8,150 units of free screened blood units have been donated
  • 5,535 free blood transfusions have been done.
  • September 2003 to December 2005 free basic health facilities have been provided to 50,000 patients.
  • 10 rescue operations have been carried out effectively.

Earthquake Disaster (October 8th 2005):

KBDO is a charity organization based in Mansehra and has been helping people in the area for the last few years. We conduct research work (to know the causes and develop precautionary measures) on Thalassaemia. Carry blood transfusion according to medical standards. Facilitate the children suffering from Thalassaemia. We provide free treatment and medication to poor and needy patients and have established a well equipped ICU, CCU, OPD and Emergency Center.

After the earthquake disaster of October 8, 2005, we have extended our efforts to provide medical attention to the earthquake victims brought here to our 24/7 charity hospital, properly bury dead bodies, provide food and shelter to the homeless people.

After the earthquake disaster thousands of people have been died and thousand have been injured. Lot of people becomes homeless. KBDO join the effort with government and other NGOs to provide shelter to the homeless effected people of the earthquake. KBDO established tent villages in quick response. More than 250 people are living in KBDO's tent villages. We are providing them free facilities, i.e. free food, clothes, blankets etc. KBDO is also coordinating with other relief teams and providing help in relief activities in remote earthquake disaster areas.

PMA (Pakistan Medical Association) provided medical staff that worked for the victims along with the KBDO. We are thankful to World Vision Pakistan, which was the pioneer NGO who helped us during relief activities and responded very quickly and efficiently for providing free facilities of medicines and medical staff to earthquake victims.

Summary of the work done by KBDO for the victims during the earthquake disaster with the coordication of World Vision Pakistan, Pakistan Medical Association (PMA), and HRDN.

Services No of Patients
Provided Medical attention to earthquake effected people 16,000
Surgeries both minor and major 660
X-Rays 2,000
Patients admitted in KBDO Medical Complex 6,000
Patients shifted to Karachi by air with the coordination of Taraquee Foundation, HRDN and PMA 37
Patients shifted to other Medical Center by KBDO transport with the coordination of Edhi Foundation 250
Blood Transfusion (Cross matching, Blood Grouping and Screening) 1,700
Free Laboratory Tests 3,500
KBDO also supported 4 Tent Village Marriages for earthquake effected.  
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